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embedded on the home front

two copies of the anthology Embedded on the Homefront arrived from across the ocean today. I had a chance to read some of my fellow authors’ work, including Ryan Flavelle’s and Scott Waters’
I took the book to my local and sat down with a pint of scrumpy and read their essays and enjoyed them both very much.

I was wondering how mine would appear to me having written it on the fly last year in the midst of moving continents and beginning a new life. I was pleased. I always feel my work has succeeded if I can go back to it and read it and it feels as if a total stranger had written it. it’s an odd sort of thing and I don’t know if other writers feel this way or not.

Ryan and Scott and I are collaborating on something. watch this space!

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good to hear of the arrival, approval and upcoming collaboration!

Oct 15 2012 · 16:30

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