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Edmonton Poetry Fest.

poet gregory scofield with sms @ edmonton poetry fest, 2009

Edmonton, always generous to me from away, gave me one of the greatest gifts imaginable… to meet and share a stage with the great Canadian poet Gregory Scofield. last night at the Artery, I followed Gregory’s incredible performance… I was prepared to go on in the 2nd half and MG, the host, came up to me and asked if I could go on…

I did. and it felt good, the warmth of the spotlight, the warmth of the spot that Gregory had just left, was welcoming… I read love war poems… an oxymoron?
I don’t think so…

thank you Edmonton, for always welcoming me… I feel very lucky indeed…

now I drive to Suffield, don my earplugs, get ready for Big Boom


(oh and please email etc… I don’t know what access I have to online, but I know that when I come back in a few weeks, that I’ll want to hear from folk)

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