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dream a river, the snap of fly rods, lines lassooing the horizon,
dream a Royal Coachman, barbless, hopping swimming silverware
in cool still water, green-blue pockets of spring trout,
dream a cabin, kerosene, dream a bottle of wine, a woodstove.

dream Emily Carr cedars, Douglas fir, the rain forest scoped,
dream crackly moss, lichen stringy as elders’ beards’ at a shura
deer rustling salal soft as burqas behind mud walls,
dream this soldier, dream it all.

dream you, your eyes dog-mooned black from Ring Road strolls,
dream learning to breath again, home from war, arcs laid down,
the only thing needing measure, not trajectory or risk,
but dreaming the size of fish, the new height of your four-year-old son.

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