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Dr. S.M. Steele's curriculum vitae (with publications and media)

Dr. Suzanne M. Steele

Academic Qualifications
• Ph.D. in English literary criticism, interdisciplinary First World War and interwar cultural studies, Title: The Artist’s Dilemma: Truth, Process, and Form in the Great War Narratives of Robert Graves, Mary Borden, and David Jones, University of Exeter, UK
• M.Phil. English, Title: Mary Borden and the Forbidden Zone of War, University of Exeter, UK
• Master of Library and Information Science, Archive Studies, University of Western Ontario, London, Ont., Canada
• B Mus. (voice), University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

Professional Memberships
• Native American and Indigenous Studies Association
• Globalising and Localising the Great War: an interdisciplinary network of TORCH | The
Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities, Oxford, UK/International

Teaching Qualifications
• 2017 Independent School Teacher’s Certificate, British Columbia (pending)
• 2014 Learning and Teaching in Higher Level Education (LTHE), Level 2 Certificate, University of Exeter, UK

Awards and Grants
• 2017-19 librettist and project co-manager, with composer Neil Weisensel, Canada Council New Chapter Award for Riel: Heart of the North with Winnipeg and Regina Symphonies in partnership with the Canadian Museum of Human Rights, Louis Riel Institute (Manitoba Metis Federation),
• 2015 Nominated for Guild Teaching Award, Best Use of Technology, University of Exeter, UK
• 2014 Exeter Annual Award. Project manager (personnel manager, budget etc.), designer of the digital archive, media lead, workshop trainer, event planner and coordinator. The Long Good-bye: a conversation across a century. An international outreach project and a Great War centenary installation with eXegesis Poetry Collective. Multi-media. Exeter, UK
• 2012 Libretti commission. Afghanistan: Requiem for a Generation, Calgary Philharmonic and Chorus and One Yellow Rabbit Theatre/High Performance Rodeo, Calgary, AB
• 2012 Canada Council Professional Artist Grant
• 2012 (three awards) April/May/November Leighton Artist Colony, Banff Centre/Calgary Philharmonic, Banff, AB
• 2011 University of Exeter International PhD Studentship Award, fully-funded doctorate ($165,000)
• 2010 Department of National Defence Grant: National War Museum of Canada
• 2010 BC Arts Council Grant
• 2010 Canada Council Artist’s Development Grant
• 2010 Canada Council Travel Grant
• 2010 Edmonton Poetry Festival Grant: In Arms Poetry Mentoring Project
• 2009 Western Communities Arts Grant. Victoria, BC
• 2009 Leighton Artist Colony Grant, Banff, AB.
• 2008-10 Canadian Forces Artist Program Grant (Canada and Afghanistan)
• 2005 Short-list, Robert Louis Stevenson Award for Literature. National Library of Scotland, Scottish Arts Council. The Year. Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.
• 2005 Short-list: Royal Literary Fund Mentorship Program. London, UK.
• 2004 Diploma for Excellence, Scottish International Poetry Competition. Irvine, Scotland, UK.
• 1995 Third Prize. Science Writing, ‘Astronomy and the Internet.’ Griffiths Observatory. Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Professional Roles
• 2011- present Editor, researcher, instructor, analyst (UK/Canada)
• 2015 Featured Instructor, Tech Trumps Insight Video. ‘Using FaceBook as a Teaching Tool’, Education Quality and Enhancement, University of Exeter, UK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VdRQ45yzj4
• 2013-2015 Named Collaborator, 1914FACES2014, a European Union funded INTERREG IV UK/France collaborative research project. Duties included: representing the university and the British team in the UK and France; chairing workshop panels; workshop and conference presentations facilitating at major conferences; assisting the project curator in several exhibitions; creating a video installation, Blickfelder/Champs de Visions/Field of Visions for UK and France exhibitions, literary advisor, author, literary coordinator, host for the 2015 Royal Albert Memorial Museum exhibition Faces of Conflict. The project was based at the University of Exeter, UK and the Faire Faces Institute and University of Picardy, Amiens, France. http://blogs.exeter.ac.uk/1914faces2014/category/exhibitions/
• 2015 Introduction to Creative Writing (1st year courses). Dept. of English, University of Exeter, UK.
• 2012-14 Widening Participation Instructor, Creative Writing. University of Exeter, UK
• 2013 British Poetry of the First World War (3rd year course) with Professor Tim Kendall, Dept. of English, University of Exeter, UK.
• 2013 Introduction to Film, shadow/lecturer: ‘The Score of Breakfast At Tiffany’s as Co-Star.’ University of Exeter, UK.
• 2013 Lecture, ‘The Art of Witness’, 3rd year module Critical Theory, University of Exeter, UK
• 2013 Lecture, ‘The Poetic Voice in War’, 1st year module ‘The Poem’, University of Exeter
• 2012-16 Tutor, qualitative and bibliographic, advanced research instruction, substantive editing (Master and PhD level – Middle East specialty)
• 2012 Digital Technologies for Researchers, ‘Using Digital Technologies in the Field
CASCADE Project, instructional video, University of Exeter, UK
• 2010 Instructor, military liaison. The position entailed working closely with veterans and professional poets, serving military personnel, and family members. In Arms: Wage War With Words, a poetry mentoring project (poet laureate Alice Major, lead), performance at the Royal Alberta Museum, publication (In Arms), Edmonton Poetry Festival, Edmonton, AB
• 2000-03 Teaching Métis history and culture to community groups and school groups for the Greater Victoria Métis Association
• 1992-95 Instructor, GratefulMed (National Library of Medicine, Bethesda Maryland), online bibliographic skills to physicians and specialists, University of British Columbia Continuing Education and North American Radiologist Society Conference, Chicago Il, USA

Academic Publications
• 2017 ‘‘The Tin Noses Shop’ Michael Longley’s Great War Poetry: the Poet’s Imperative’. Chapter. Bernard Devauchelle, David Houston Jones, Philippe Nivet (eds.), 1914FACES2014
• 2016 ‘Frederick Coates, the ‘Facial Architect’ co-author, Dr. Marjorie Gerhardt, University of Reading, UK. Journal of War and Culture Studies, special issue, Assessing the Legacy of the Gueules Cassées: from Surgery to Art, ed. David Houston Jones and Marjorie Gehrhardt.
• 2013 Poetry of the First World War: an Anthology, Ed. Tim Kendall. Editorial commentary (acknowledged). Oxford: OUP.

Creative Projects and Publications
• 2019 Riel: Heart of the North, dramatic musical with composer Neil Weisensel, Regina and Winnipeg Symphony Orchestras, National Museum for Human Rights.
• 2018 ‘The Sacred Heart of Sara Riel’. The Prud’homme Library Project. A Canada Council New Chapter Project curated by Dr. H. Jessup and Dr. C. Battershill. (pub. Date 2019).
• 2012, 2017 Afghanistan: Requiem for a Generation, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra (Orpheum Theatre, Calgary Philharmonic and Toronto Symphony.
• 2015 Champs de Visions/Field of Visions/Blickfelder, Video/sound installation. L’Historial de la Grande Guerre, Peronne, France. 22 June – 11 November 2015, and The Mary Harris Chapel, University of Exeter, UK. March 2015.
• 2014-15 The Wittgenstein Vector. Installation and publication. Poetry. eXegesis Poetry Collective. Sisters of Invention, San Francisco Book Centre, San Francisco, CA; Worlds in Collision: Visual Art and Wittgenstein’s Philosophy, Exeter, UK, and The Wittgenstein Vector Wall, Exeter, UK.
• 2014 The Road To War With The Patricias. Video/sound installation for the Princess Patricias Canadian Light Infantry Centenary, Calgary, AB, and Edmonton, Alberta; StAnza International Poetry Festival, St. Andrews, Scotland; Exeter, UK, 2014.
• 2013 Decorations by J. Robles. Audio recording/broadcast with J. Robles, Mike Rose-Steel. Broadcast on KUFS in Exile, San Francisco, CA.
• 2013 51 Shades of Black and Blue. Poetry chapbook, live cabaret. eXegesis Press: Exeter, UK.
• 2012 Afghanistan: Requiem for a Generation. Libretti. Maremagnum Publishing: Victoria, BC.
• 2012 ‘9 liner.’ Poetry. Desperately Seeking Susans, Fernie, BC: Oolichan Books.
• 2012 ‘Embed.’ Essay Chapter – 21 pages. Embedded on the Homefront ed. Joan Dixon and Barbara Howard. Calgary, AB: Heritage House Press.
• 2012 Wall of Miracles, international poetry installation. Curated and collaborated with eXegesis: Dr. J. Robles and Mike Rose-Steel. University of Exeter, UK.
• 2011 ‘Suffield Tree’, ‘Suffield Diary.’ Poetry commission. ACS Annual [military training company], Calgary, AB: ACS publishing.
• 2011 ‘Who Who Are You?’ Prose poetry. On Site Review 25 (On Identity). Calgary, AB.
• 2010 ‘Night Before the First Big Op (Panjawaii/2009)’, ‘9 liner’ and Elegy for an Infantryman.’ Poetry. In Arms: Wage War With Words. ed. Alice Major. Edmonton, AB: Edmonton Poetry Festival Society Publication.
• 2010 ‘Elegy for an Infantryman’ and ‘To Young Infantrymen Training for Afghanistan.’ Poetry video. Remembrance Day Video for Nova Scotia Veterans. Earle Thompson, videographer. Victoria, B.C.
• 2009 ‘Snow’. Winter. Leaf Press Collaborative Poem. Lantzville, BC: Leaf Press.
• 2009 ‘So Beautiful’, ‘For You at the Shura.’ Poetry. On Site Review 22 (On War), Calgary, AB.
• 2009 ‘So Beautiful’, ‘For You at the Shura’, ’24 hrs.’ Poetry. Journal of Military and Strategic Studies, v.12/1. University of Calgary Press: Calgary, AB.
• 2009 Excerpts from May Day: War Letters to a Lover in Afghanistan: ‘Prologue: Recce’; ‘Wednesday, May 14: Poppy Harvest’; ‘Thursday, May 15: MNVGs’; ‘Friday, May 16: Matériel’, and ‘Sunday, May 18: Ramp Ceremony’. Poetry. Dream Catcher, v. 33. Lincoln, U.K.
• 2009 ‘August Widow’, ‘24 hrs leave’, ‘To Young Infantrymen Training for Afghanistan’, Excerpts from May Day: ‘Friday, May 2: Recce’; ‘Saturday, May 3: Flamenca txts M’, ‘Tuesday; May 13: Mosquito’; ‘Wednesday, May 14: Poppy Harvest’; Thursday, May 15: MNVGs’; ‘Saturday, June 12: Acanthus Leaves’ and ‘Night Watch in the Gun Turret with Sgt. B’/ ‘La Garde de Nuit Dans Latourelle de Mitailleuse avec St. B’, (translation M. Nattras). Poetry. CV2 The Canadian Journal of Poetry and Critical Writing, v. 31/3, Winnipeg, MB.
• 2009 ‘Pilgrimage.’ Poetry. Brownsbank Anthology, Eds. Tom Bryan, Linda Cracknell, and Andrew MacCallum. Biggars Museum Trust, South Lankashire Council, Robertson Trust and Glasgow University, Biggar, U.K.
• 2009 ‘Letter From Afghanistan.’ Prose. The Poetry Reader, Scottish Poetry Library, Issue 5, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.
• 2009 ‘So Beautiful.’ Poetry. The Globe and Mail, Nov.28, 2009. Toronto, Ont., Canada.
• 2008 Excerpt from ‘Elegy for an Infantryman.’ Poetry. The Maple Leaf, v.11/no. 30, Ottawa, Ont., Canada.
• 2008 ‘August Widow.’ Poetry. Montreal Gazette, Toronto Star, Windsor Star, Regina Post, Calgary Herald, Vancouver Sun, Halifax Chronicle Herald, Victoria Times-Colonist, Ottawa Citizen, Regina Leader Post, Edmonton Journal, Saskatoon StarPhoenix, Canada. Nov. 2008 issues.
• 2008 ‘August Widow.’ Poetry. The Outlook. CFB Esquimalt publication, Victoria, BC.
• 2008 ‘Rawan Tander’, ‘Wednesday, May 14: Poppy Harvest’ and ‘Acanthus Leaves.’ Poetry. The Tyee, and Monday Magazine. November 2008. Victoria, BC.
• 2008 ‘To the Firefighters of Kabul.’ Poetry commissioned/published in honour of the Afghan Ambassador to Canada, Omar Samad’s visit, and the visiting fire-fighters from Kabul, Afghanistan. Langford Firefighters,Victoria, BC.
• 2008 ‘Begin The Year’, from The Year. Poetry. Leaf Press Poem of the Month, 2008
• 2007 ‘Snowshoeing.’ Poetry. The Society (quarterly). St. Peter’s College, SK.
• 2007 ‘Life and Death in the Hebrides.’ Prose. The Toronto Star, 2007
• 2007 ‘Sonicbios.’ Poetry. LifeIcon. TC Helicon corporate commission. Victoria, BC.
• 1998 ‘Auguri Ella: ‘This is Your First Spring’, ‘Spring’, ‘In the Orchard’, ‘I Remember Thinking in Fall’, ‘They Split Me’, ‘I Have Seen That Other Country’, ‘Trisomy’, ‘I Saw Her Map’, ‘This Moment’, ‘This Razor’, ‘Late August Morning’, ‘In the Hot August Garden’ and ‘This is Your Year.’ Poetry. Threshold six women: six poets, ed. Rona Murray. Victoria, BC: SonoNis Press.

Selected Conference Papers and Academic Presentations
• 2017 ‘The Ethics and Aesthetics of the Afghan War Script’. Panel on war at the ACUTE Conference, Ryerson University, Toronto, Ont.
• 2015 ‘The Tin Noses Shop’: Michael Longley, fils de soldat, et poéte de la Grande Guerre.’ Paper in French. 1914FACES2014 workshop. Faire Face Institute, Amiens, France.
• 2015 ‘Architecture and Aftermath in Ford Madox Ford’s Parades End.’ Paper. Aftermath Conference. Kings College London. London, UK. April 2015.
• 2015 The Wittgenstein Vector. Reading and installation. Wor(l)ds In Collision. University of Exeter, UK.
• 2015 The Wittgenstein Vector. British Wittgenstein Conference. Exeter, UK. 14 June 2015,
• 2015 ‘‘The Tin Noses Shop’: Michael Longley and the Refacing of the Poetic War.’ Paper. 1914FACES2014 Conference. March 2015.
• 2014 ‘Unidentified: Mary Borden and The Forbidden Zone.’ Paper. Visual Testimony and the Archive: Visual Testimony and the Archive Conference; 1914FACES2015. September. Exeter, UK.
• 2014 ‘Unidentified: Mary Borden and The Forbidden Zone.’ Paper. British Poetry of the First World War Conference, Wadham College, Oxford, UK. September.
• 2014 ‘The Wittgenstein Vector, and Wittgenstein’s influence on my artistic practice.’ Opening speaker (with Mike Rose-Steel), video, reading. 21st Century Theories of Literature: Fiction, Value, and Essence. Centre for Research, in Philosophy, Literature, and the Arts. Warwick University, March.
• 2009 Presentation of war photography, lecture ‘Embed’, and poetry reading Centre for Military and Strategic Studies, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB. September.

Readings and Guest Speaker Engagements (non-academic)
• 2016 ‘War Stories.’ Guest of Honour Key Note Speech: Royal Westminster Regiment Passchendaele Dinner, New Westminster, BC.
• 2014 StAnza: International Poetry Festival. Featured poet, installation artist (Road to War), and panellist on war poetry with David Constantine. St. Andrews, Scotland. March 2014.
• 2014 ‘Bearing Witness to Those Who Bear Witness: the Woman War Artist of 1919.’ Opening Lecture for the Centenary of the Great War Speakers Program. Royal Military Society Toronto. June 2014.
• 2013 ‘The Artist as Witness.’ Lecture. Canadian Women’s Club, Canadian High Commission, London, UK. November 2013.
• 2013 The Exeter Contemporary Arts Hub opening. Reading (with eXegesis) for the Lord Mayor of Exeter. June 17, 2013.
• 2013 51 Shades of Black and Blue with eXegesis. A poetry cabaret reading. Exeter. UK. February 13, 2013.
• 2012 Speaking of War & Peace Symposium. Speaker. Calgary, AB. Oct. 29, 2012.
• 2012 ‘Requiem,’ and ‘On the Art of Witness: a poet’s road to war.’ Reading and speaking engagement for the Consul General and invited guests. Daniel Pearle Day. United States Consulate, Calgary, AB. Oct. 29, 2012.
• 2012 Edward Thomas Fellowship Study Day. Reading. Oxford, UK. June 2012.
• 2012 ‘On Writing the Libretti for Afghanistan Requiem for a Generation.’ Speaker (with soprano soloist). Leighton Artist Colony. Banff, AB. May 2012.
• 2012 ‘Afghanistan: Requiem for a Generation.’ Speaker (with actors, soloists, pianist, and composer Jeffrey Ryan), presentation/preview of the war requiem. High Performance Rodeo. Christ the Redeemer Cathedral. Calgary, AB. January 2012.
• 2011 ‘Ethics and the Art of Witness.’ Speaking engagement. Banff Centre. Banff, AB, March 2011.
• 2010 A Brush With War: War Artists from Korea to Afghanistan. Presentation of my war photography, lecture, and reading. National War Museum, Ottawa, Ont. Dec. 2010.
• 2010 In Arms: Wage War With Words. Dramatic reading from the In Arms poetry project. Produced by the Edmonton Poetry Festival, directed by Kevin Kerr, with live music by Marc Beaudin, photographic images by Cpl. Shawn Grove, and featuring Joel Crichton, Michael Gravel and Suzanne Steele. Royal Alberta Museum Theatre. Edmonton, AB Nov. 10 2010.
• 2010 May Day Project: Letters to a Lover in Afghanistan. Play. Narrator. With Michael Armstrong, Alexandre Plouffe, Beth Volder (actors), flamenco dancers, flamenco guitarist Gareth Owen. Victoria, BC. May 2011.
• 2010 Tree Reading Series. Featured poet. Ottawa, Ont. May 2010.
• 2009 ‘War Artist.’ Reading, presentation of photography, with Cpl. Shawn Grove, Alpha Company war artist, 1st Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry. Victoria School for the Performing Arts. Edmonton, AB. September, 2009.
• 2008 Edmonton Poetry Festival, headliner poet, Edmonton, AB May 2008.
• Edinburgh Fringe Festival, reading, Scottish Poetry Library, Edinburgh, August 2004.
• 2004 Finalists, Scottish International Open Poetry Competition. Reading, Irvine, Ayrshire, U.K.

Professional Development
• 2013 Leadership Training: Take To The Trees. University of Exeter, UK.
• 2012 Member, Humanities and Social Sciences Strategy Launch. University of Exeter, UK.
• 2012 Data Visualization and Mapping Workshop, Bridging the Gaps. University of Exeter, UK.
• 2012-14 Critical Theory Group. University of Exeter, UK.
• 2011-12 Bridging the Gaps Wilderness Project, Exeter Science Exchange, University of Exeter, UK.
• 2008 St. Peters Artist Colony, Muenster, SK.
• 2006 Banff Writers Studio with Governor General winner Don McKay. Banff Centre, Banff, AB.
• 2003-05 Scottish School of Poets. Scottish National Poetry Library, Edinburgh, UK.

Other Employment/New Projects
• 2016-19 Riel: Heart of the North, librettist, manager, and workshop provider for the dramatic musical, with composer Neil Weisensel. Regina and Winnipeg Symphony Orchestras, National Museum for Human Rights.
• 2011-16 Researcher/analyst, editor (Middle East specialty), instructor, artist, film industry. UK and Canada.
• 2010-12 Commission with composer Jeffrey Ryan. Calgary Philharmonic and Chorus and One Yellow Rabbit: Afghanistan: Requiem for a Generation. Premiered to audience of 1700, recorded, broadcast nationally and internationally in Canada, the United Kingdom (BBC World Service), and performed in Chicago, IL, USA. Future performances in Toronto, Ont., Vancouver, BC, and Calgary, AB in 2017.
• 1991-2010 Informational analyst and researcher, advanced technologies and cultural industries. Clients include: Dominion Astrophysical Observatory; National Minister of Health; The World Bank; B.C. Ministry of Education; NGL Consulting (Ottawa); Intelicon Consulting (Vancouver); IVL technologies (Victoria); TC Electronics (International); TC Helicon; West Mont Montessori and many more.
• 2008-10 Official Canadian War Artist. Canadian Forces Artist Program. Delta Company, 1st Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, 22ieme Royale Régiment, Army, Navy, and Air Force, Task-Force 3-09 (Afghanistan). CFB Shilo, CFB Wainwright, CFB Suffield, CFB Edmonton, Canada and Kandahar Province, Afghanistan. At CFB Wainwright I was embedded with rifle companies and Afghan nationals in mock Afghan villages. In Afghanistan I spent time alongside NATO troops of all nations, including American, British, French, German, and Australian.
• 1989-91 Medical information service provider. Northern Outreach, University of Western Ontario, London, Ont.

Selected Media Interviews
• 2015 CBC Television. The National, with Terry Reith. Interview. Water levels on the North Saskatchewan River. This was from the 2200 km river research journey across the continent made by S.M. Steele and J. Hilberry. August, 2015.
• 2015 CBC Radio AM Edmonton, with Mark Connolly, CBC Radio Saskatchewan. Feature Interviews. August, 2015.
• 2015 Storm Radio, CJAR 102.9, The Pas. Feature interview. August 2015.
• 2014 BBC Radio Devon. Interview on The Long Good-bye. August.
• 2014 Sky television. Interview on The Long Good-bye. August.
• 2012 The Charles Adler New Year’s Special, feature television interview on working with the military as an artist, broadcast nationwide on the Sun News Network, Dec. 31, 2012.
• 2012 BBC World Service, World Update, feature interview on Afghanistan, Requiem for Generation, November 12, 2012.
• 2012 CBC National Radio, National Public Radio (USA) As It Happens, feature interview on writing the war requiem. November 9, 2012.
• 2011 War Artists, CBC Television, The National, feature interview with Deana Sumanac on being a war artist. Canada, July 14, 2011.
• 2010 CBC Radio Active with Peter Brown, feature interview and reading of ‘9-liner’, Edmonton, AB, June 2010.
• 2010 1290 CJBK Radio, London in the Afternoon with Alan Coombs, feature radio interview on war work. London, Ont. May 2010.
• 2010 CBC Radio All Points West with Jo-Anne Roberts, feature interview and reading of ‘On the Loss of Lt. Andrew Nuttall’, Victoria, BC January 10, 2010
• 2009 BBC Radio World Service, World Update, feature interview with Dan Damon, live broadcast interview and reading of ‘This Country’, from Kandahar Air Field, Afghanistan. Nov. 13th, 2009.
• 2009 CBC National Radio, The Story from Here, feature interview and reading of ‘Elegy for an Infantryman’. Nov. 11th, 2009.
• 2009 CBC Radio Sound XChanges, with Kelly Jo Burke, reading ‘For Justin Boyles’ and interview, Saskatchewan, Nov. 9, 2009
• 2009 CBC Radio, Sound XChanges, feature interview with Bonnie Austring-Winter, reading ‘Elegy for an Infantryman’ and interview, Saskatchewan, August, 2009
• 2008 CBC National Radio, The Current with Anna Maria Trimonte, interview on war artist work, Toronto, Ont. October 30, 2008.
• 2008 BBC World Service, Newshour with Claire Balderson, interview on being a war artist, London, U.K., October 24, 2008.
• 2007 CBC Radio, All Points West, Interview on walking the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, with Jo-anne Robertson.

Poetry adopted into curricula
• 2013-17 ‘So Beautiful.’ Grade 12 Provincial Exam, and International English Literature exams administered through the Alberta Ministry of Education (150,000 copies worldwide).
• 2009-10 ‘Elegy for an Infantryman.’ Grade 12 English Literature Exam. Open School. British Columbia, Ministry of Education, BC.
• 2010 ‘For You at the Shura.’ Kate McLoughlin’s Master Level English Literature, Modern/Post-Modern War Writing. University of Glasgow.
• 2009 ‘So Beautiful’ and ‘Elegy for an Infantryman.’ Grade 12 English Literature, New Horizon Program. Winnipeg, MB.

Press (selected)
• 2012 ‘Requiem for a Generation: Poet wrote an ode for people affected by the Afghanistan war’, feature interview, The National Post November 4, 2012
• 2012 Calgary Herald, feature Interview, November 2012.
• 2012 ‘Requiem for a generation: Suzanne Steele’s orchestral manoeuvres Globe and Mail, feature Interview, November 9 2012.
• 2012 ‘War poems melded with music’, feature interview, Calgary Herald, March 1, 2012.
• 2012 ‘Concertgoers Get Sneak Preview of War Requiem’, feature interview, Calgary Herald January 24, 2012.
• 2010 ‘Guns, Money, Iambic Pentameter’, feature article, MacLean’s Magazine, July 5, 2010 .
• 2010 ‘Embedded poet’ Saw War First-hand in Afghanistan,’ feature interview with Ryan Cormier, Edmonton Journal, June 28, 2010.
• 2010 ‘A War of Words’, feature interview, Ian Elliot, Kingston Whig Standard, May 5, 2010.
• 2009 ‘Canada’s First War Poet Armed with a Pen’, feature interview, Patrick White, Globe and Mail, November 27, 2009.
• 2009 ‘A War Poet’s Year’, feature interview, Western Sentinel, v.12/16, Edmonton, AB.
• 2009 ‘An Interview with smsteele [sic]’ with editor Clarisse Foster, CV2 The Canadian Journal of Poetry and Critical Writing, v. 31/3, Winnipeg, MB.
• 2008 ‘Dust to Verse,’ Jim Gibson, Victoria Times Colonist, Halifax Herald, Montreal Gazette, Edmonton Journal, Ottawa Citizen, Windsor Star etc. November 2008
• 2008-12 Several articles in military newspapers, The Maple Leaf, The Outlook, literary journals such as the Quill and Quire.

Websites/Blogs (ongoing and complete)
• War Poet: http://www.warpoet.ca/ warpoet.ca is one of S.M. Steele’s Canadian Forces Artist Program projects. Through text, audio, images, video and contributions by military personnel (Canadian, U.K., U.S.), warpoet.ca examines and records the contemporary military war experience from the home front and in the theatre of war (200,000 + readership).

• Singing with the Boys: http://smsteele.wordpress.com/ Singing With The Boys refers to the Benedictine monks with whom I sang the Offices while at the St. Peter’s artists’ colony at St. Peter’s Abbey, Meunster, SK. It is a free writing space that examines the writing life.

• Trek to Santiago de Compostela (for NICU Babies): http://trek4babies.wordpress.com Trek to Santiago de Compostela was written in 2007 while I walked the Camino (850 kms across Northern Spain) with my family. The trek was thanksgiving for the survival of my daughter in 1996, born critically ill ten years earlier. I wrote the blog as a record of our experience and also to encourage donors to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (Victoria General Hospital, Victoria), the unit that saved our daughter’s life at birth following massive thoracic surgery. We raised $26,000 and purchased two positive-flow ventilators for sick new-borns.

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