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down for th count

funny how this work goes. i’m back to canada to put finishing touches on requiem, push th phd forward, see friends, family, spend a few weeks in my beloved studio in th woods… all good

until th fall… this bc girl doesn’t know about treacherous round gravel on post snow melt roads… running to fetch something from my studio I slipped, did a faceplant full speed… 1st of my life… concussion, bruised sternum (the curb hit me between my breasts suoer ouch), cut face, bruises, broken hand… f’ing eh

CTB as they say… full “brain rest”… no computer, tv, reading, writing… lie in dark quiet room… fortunately my studio in th woods is designed like a small wooden cathedral – dark yet light, high ceilings, big windows… yesterday 2 whitetail nested outside all day… sweet sentry (they even seem to have chew under their upper lips!)

im finding 1 handed life challenging… using my feet a lot but cant figure doing up th female lingerie thing quite yet)

seriously tho, im thinking of how this gives me a TINY insight into th wounded & how tough it must be t learn how to do th everyday stuff never mind th unusual… and I know my hand will get better in a month or so & my sternum in 3-4 months, but these guys have to learn to walk, write, live etc forever without a hand, arm, leg, eyes…

today, after rest my brain is fine, I see th surgeon on monday : (
morale so so… i find it ironic that I roared over countryside hanging out of gunners turrets, flew over Astan, experienced rocket attack, massive broken heart, only to be hurt at an artists colony … there should be a meretricious medal for artists

just a thought (written slowly with 1 hand)

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Suzanne – yikes! It sounds very painful (and yes, ironic).

It sounds like you’re in the ideal setting for recovery. I hope it’s swift.

May 03 2012 · 13:23

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