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did he ever find you?

this aft. I dropped by the tiny coffee shop in my village to get a muffin. Shannon makes the best sour cherry bran muffins there are. not sweet, they taste like molasses. not dry because she pours lots of sour cherries into them. yum. I don’t like muffins but I like these ones.

“did that soldier ever find you?” Shannon asks.

last summer while I was on the grasslands of Sask. a soldier drove his motor cycle through my little village here where I live and stopped at the tiny cafe. he asked Shannon if she knew where he could find me. Shannon knows one of my best friends and so she took his contact info and forwarded it to my best pal who in turn forwarded it to me in Sask.

but here’s the thing. last summer I wasn’t all there. nor here. and I think I made contact with the soldier but I can’t honestly remember. nor do I remember his name.

so today when I asked about details, Shannon’s employee says, “oh I remember
he was so sweet. dark hair. a nice face. handsome, big chest, medium height and maybe 30’s”.

“hmmm you just described over half the infantry” I reply, thinking that he could be in his 20’s but after a tour could easily have aged a decade or two.

“he said he was with you on training. he said he wanted to thank you for all you did for the boys”

“was I with him in Afghanistan?” I ask.

“I think so” says the young woman.

“I’m not sure” says Shannon.

“his words almost made me cry” says the young woman. “my dad was military and I know those guys don’t talk about their feelings and he did that day”

wow, I say to them both. I don’t get much pay for this. hardly anything. in fact it costs me a whole lot financially, emotionally, spiritually. but when I hear a story like that, of a young soldier decompressing after his tour, seeking me out to thank me. well that’s a good pay day.

and soldier. if you read this. let me know how you are.

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