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Desert Divers

By green ocean they tune, tag, pack kit,
kiss wives, kids, their ocean brothers farewell;
He’s coming back, he’s coming back—
beloved’s words are wetsuits, regulators, oxygen tanks.
Herc’ed into the lethal sandbox, grief’s path,
desert divers walk towards, not away
from handmade mayhem, metal plates.
(Hey desert diver, how many kids’ya save today?)
In early Afghan spring, mulberries blossom,
storks return, rain-washed roadsides expose IEDs—
Ha! My first job, an old-fashioned bayonet trick!
Drawn to deep water, amber kelp, day-glo starfish,
desert divers dive the depths of 41 Celcius adrenaline
on dusty roads, half a watery blue world away.

for Pat M., and in memory of PO 2nd Class Craig Blake

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Beautiful. I love your special way of dancing with words!!

Apr 15 2011 · 12:26

RAdm Paul Maddison

Thank you Suzanne. As we approach the first anniversary of PO2 Craig Blake falling in Afghanistan, your beautiful poem serves to remind us of the sustained professionalism and courage of our desert divers in Halifax and Esquimalt, and their dedication, as a critical part of our very impressive naval team, to doing whatever it takes to ensure a better world is on the horizon. My thoughts this year as we remember the courage, comaraderie and sacrifice of those who served in the Battle of the Atlantic in another war so long ago will be with the extended Blake family.

Apr 17 2011 · 08:28

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