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death on ex redux

it was at Suffield that I first knew a death amongst the troops. it had stealthed, slowly, slowly, insidiously into camp in the early hours. through the cracks of a broken heart.
and I’ll never forget that day’s sunrise was the colour of lightly steeped tea. it spread across the early spring prairie. and I remember the crisp intake and exhale of our breaths. the frost covered stalks of new grass. pasque flowers. prairie crocus. and hot water steaming from our metal bowls where we took the morning ablutions under canvas. o it was such a silent, perfect morning. but death had rolled in and across the field and the flags were pulled earthward to half-mast and an ambulance bumped silently across the field to the engineers’ bivouac.

now I read today about another death on ex … this, an accident, the other suicide. it happens. it happens. a man can walk across mined roads for half a lifetime and then, home, safe, the LAV rolls. four men injured, another dead.

Lt. Col. Bobbitt, rest in peace soldier. rest. in. peace.

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