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DAGged con't.

last week, a visit to Margie Hanks at the base hospital for a few more jabs. it’s been years (decades) since my last inoculations. I asked Margie to give me my 11 shots over three appointments and months versus the usual one-appt. the soldiers get.

at Suffield, when I was put into isolation for 48 hrs., I was given a shot of gravol. my arm hurt for weeks and formed a huge bruise. Margie thinks they gave me a soldier-size needle, so for me she prepares ultra-thin baby syringes. thanks Margie.

photos by E.Speckeen/2009

signing consent forms, reading about all the adverse reactions people may have to the shots

waiting. trying to look calm.

I’m no wimp. this one stung.

reward for being good.

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Marjie Hanks

I enjoy reading your poetry and your wonderful insights on our troops so far from home. Thank you for including me in your special journey.
Take care. Marjie (your immunization nurse)

Sep 16 2009 · 21:56

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