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I receive hundreds of contacts, thousands actually, from readers or listeners. sometimes they have requests which I may or may not be able to fulfill.

there is a lovely woman in Cape Breton who asked if I could come and read some of my work to her old men, her old vets who live in the old age home in which she works. and I’d love to but I’ll be in another city reading to younger vets. so I suggested we set up Skype and I could read to the old boys that way.

unfortunately Skype etc. is not viable. so I’m going to get someone to videotape me and I’ll send a DVD of me reading.

one of the charming requests she also made was that I wish her oldest vet, Archie, happy birthday. Archie is going to be 100 years old this year and the lovely woman wants to make his 100th special.

you know, as artists we don’t get paid very much. we don’t get glory. we don’t get fame. often we get shit-kicked or asked “why don’t you get a fucking job???”. but this kind of message to me from someone so very far away, asking for my words, somehow it makes it all worth while. pays me in full.

so Archie, I’m going to do my damndest to wish you a happy centenary.

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marjorie thompson

you made my day just with this page i do hope you can get it done but in case you cant i have made a copy of this and will read it that nite but just one correction Archie lives in Truro and i work there and it is on the mainland other than that you made my day!!!!!!!!!!!

Oct 01 2010 · 09:03

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