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close to 50,000 hits

in the next few days someone will make the 50,000 visit to this site!
I’m estimating perhaps on Sunday or Monday.

I can’t tell exactly who is on at any given time but I can see overall what country etc. is visiting.

I’ve been keeping country stats only recently, but here’s an interesting snapshot from today’s stats.

76% Canada
10% United Kingdom
9% United States
2% Afghanistan
<1% Germany
<1% France
<1% Netherlands
<1% Brazil
<1% Russian Federation
<1% Sweden
<1% Switzerland
<1% Italy
<1% Australia
<1% Indonesia
<1% India
<1% Mexico
<1% Hong Kong
<1% Bulgaria

in the past I’ve had visits from China, Philippines, UAE, Saudi. how interesting.

I’d love to send my 50,000th visitee something. when it gets really close I’ll let you know and if you feel like making contact I’ll try and get myself organized to send something. maybe a handwritten, signed copy of the reader’s favourite piece. ya, that’s what I’ll do.

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