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Christmas wishes for the Battalion

written in the bar of the Sylvia Hotel after maybe a Sunset Beach or two too many… I’m counting on you to correct me for my glaring omissions and forgive me for all else (especially bad rhymes!)…

to you who share your IMPs
to you who frag vest and helmet me
to you who wake me @ 04:45
to you who cover my arcs, keep me alive,
to you who feed me, drive me,
clothe me, teach me,
2008 folds into 2009
snow and ice to heat and sand
next year with you, Afghanistan,
from B.C. to Arctic circle to Newfoundland
this season of light and dark,
the laughter, the tears, the Christmas tree,
these are the wishes Battalion, I have for thee:

o sappers, have a blast

o refuelers, get gassed

o cooks, get sauced

o rifle COYs, down shooters

o reccie, lose yourselves

o maintainers, fall apart

o intel, get stupid

o transport, let your wheels fall off

o admin, get careless, let things go to hell

o quartermasters, get depleted

o officers, NCOs and CO, be irresponsible

o sigs, get wired

o mortar, anti-armoured, assault, get tanked

o combat arms, switch your NVGs off

for this is this
and then is then,
my gratitude to you,
my best wishes to you
for opening the doors
for telling me
who you are,
for letting me in…

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Bob Devine

Great Stuff!!!

Dec 23 2008 · 02:08

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