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Centenary Vimy

In honour of the centenary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge I am making a video of my installation Champs de Visions/Fields of Visions/Blickfelder available for viewing here Originally designed to be projected against an outside wall, approx. 3 metres wide x 6 metres high, and looped for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the film premiered at Mary Harris Memorial Chapel at Exeter, UK as part of the 1914FACES2014 project, it has also been exhibited in Peronne, France.

This installation is a meditation on the consequence of landscape and was shot by me in 2014-15 in Northern France. All footage was shot from the ground up, representing what would be the soldier experience of forest and field and trench in the flatlands of the Western Front. The film is not intended to be a travelogue, a documentary, a remembrance, but rather, it is intended to provoke thought, to ask what would it be to exist below the ground or lying flat against the earth always looking up, for weeks, months, years. All sound is ambient, including, astonishingly, the shotguns of Mametz Wood.

Other sites include Vimy, the German and Allied graveyards, and many other locales relevant to this day.

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