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Bonus Day! 2 more from our man in KAF

these haikus are from our young soldier in KAF who has kindly made it part of his mission to cheer P.L. up. I open his emails to me first thing every morning b’cause I know I’m going to laugh out loud. and I can use all the laughs I can get right now.

soldier, who is a KAFite (and thus confined to months and months of dust, wafts of breezes off the shit pond (the poo pond), cement blast walls, mess food, noise, jet fuel, drones and F18s, Russian cargo ships, Hercs, whirly birds flying 24 hrs a day, staring at the horizon only through acres of razor wire, getting jacked up… I mean he’s living ON A RUNWAY basically) started writing haikus in a particularly groundhogian period of his tour.

he keeps writing to me that no one is going to want to his “dumbass” haikus. I argue that his haikus and his poetry, are the “trench art” of this war, alongside txt messages, FB postings and comments, poetry, digital photos, emails, YouTube videos, tattoos, etc… and basically, because they are predominantly digital, they will ultimately be lost to history. and that’s a shame.

I keep saying to the soldiers who write and say to me, “ya, but my work is shit”, that their words are really, really important. all of our words, our images of this war are important. historians in 100 years will be so grateful to be able to read these points of view – e.g. Cpl. M, the transporter who is driving HLVs across Afghanistan at this moment, managed to slip me a copy of his poem he wrote while imagining what the p.o.v. is of someone who plants an IED. only someone who has to dodge those IEDs on a daily basis, someone who courages up to get food, water, ammo, medication etc. outside the wire and who sees villagers, their families daily can understand. (and I reiterate what a vet of ’06 said to me, “you want to see balls, big balls, those transporters are the real heroes out there. they stop at nothing.”)

so here’s a few more from our young fella in KAF whose head is turning homeward to girlfriend and mother. as I said before, I’ll miss my morning laugh (most of it unprintable/unrepeatable!) and my tutorial of sorts of his gen’s useage of the language. how über-fckt is that!

One more market left
Sand seems stuck in the hourglass
Just keep marking time…

he writes a minute later, “Bonus haiku cuz inspiration struck. Haha”

Less than two weeks left
So much to look forward to!
Alcohol poison.

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