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before the storm (wadi 3)

my truck over the Texas cattlegate. ta da ta da da
through the grasslands before storm, the air warm

gooey grey, the peregrines grounded, the golden eagle,
grounded,the ferruginous hawk, grounded. all grounded

like Apaches, Chinooks, Hercs, the BF Russian
transports grounded. before a metal storm.

ennui sets in. all is heavy. before prairie
lightening. an impatience. lourd. this is waiting.

waiting. for the wadi to fill. it is still and green.
slimy. her shadow is an oily shadow. cut from algae.

face down she lay.
and I was once that girl.

floating. my black hair a grassy halo.
face down. my father found me before.

it was too late. ran. for me. shouted. for me.
I should have drowned. as our three have been drowned.


the soldiers ran. dropped weapons. handed.
help. were helpless to save.

this baby girl. her Kuchi dress
ballooning. stagnant water.

was hand

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