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at the women's shura

today, after 3 hours in the studio, I went for coffee at my office, Caffe Fantastico, and visited with some of my fellow flamencas. they asked about my time behind the veil this past spring, and I told them that I attended a women’s shura at WWx. I told my friends that I asked the Afghan women what gifts would be good to take with me that women living in Afghanistan would like to receive, or would be allowed to accept. the women suggested the following:

little shampoos, toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, sewing needles, thread, crochet hooks, embroidery needles, embroidery thread, pencils, erasers, paper, pencil sharpeners, rulers, little note books, pens, little comb and brush, hair ties, hair clips, safety pins, wax crayons, dollar store gloves and hats, little socks, vaseline hand care cream, T-shirts with no tags or logos or writing

absolutely no makeup, perfume, nail polish

I asked the women at the shura, “what would be considered to be the most luxurious thing an Afghan woman could possibly have?”, thinking the response would be nice soaps, or jewelery, or something lovely like a nice shawl or ?

“to see our children educated”, was the response from every Afghan woman present.

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