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Another Jubilee Medal for a Deserving Vet!

news just in that my great friend Phil Quesnelle of OSSIS has been awarded the Jubilee Medal for his service to injured vets. Phil writes to me, It’s for service to Veterans even though, a) it’s my job; b) there are lots of others out there helping Veterans and serving guys, including you, and c) I don’t deserve anything because what I do is a privilege despite the failures.

typical Phil, I don’t deserve anything, he writes … ya sure Phil! I for one know how much Phil has watched out for me these past years, always at the end of a phone call if needs be, and indeed there have been some times when he was the only person I could talk to about some things. and typical WO (ret’d), he watches over all his “guys” (and me), does his rounds, celebrates successes, grieves failures, tries to fix things – even the unfixable. or rather, especially the unfixable. the guy carries a heavy load.

and I say to him, Phil, it’s time to think about golfing or fishing, cause you’ve done your duty and it’s time for others to take it on. and his response? to join the board of Cockrell House and to continue working his ass off for those who suffer from soldier’s heart (I prefer this civil war era term to PTSD).

and speaking of Cockrell House, if anyone wants to pitch in, let me know and I’ll pass your detes on to Phil!

congratulations Phil Quesnel. you deserve every bit of recognition you get. thank you friend for being there for us. (and I’m thinking Order of Canada might be a good go for him too!)

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