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Anniversary, Lt. Andrew Nuttall, KIA December 23, 2009, Panjawaii

my heart goes out to the family of Lt. Andrew Nuttall, killed this day by IED in Afghanistan three years ago, and it goes out to all who were with him that day – you know who you are – and all who love and admired him. I have had the great privilege to get to know his family and friends and count them amongst my most precious. they have taught me so much about grace and courage these past three years. I hope some day I can write something worthy of these extraordinary people. Andrew, who was extraordinary in all ways, came of them. this is what I wrote upon hearing of his death

Upon Hearing of the Death of Lt. Andrew Nuttall

Canada, comms lockdown is lifted—
patrol, roadside IED, Panjawaii district,
Lt. Andrew Nuttall— he wore grins
like other soldiers badge their blood type.
Officer, buzzingly handsome Patricia,
I saw him fatigued in green Shilo,
Suffield, Wainwright, tan Afghanistan,
dusty, dirty, determined to shake down.
fight for it. put our soft life to test.

Believe what you read, sometimes newspapers
get it right—soldiers like Andrew exist—
walk fragged into night scoped, leapfrog minefields
for good. Canada’s blessed cosiness.

Grieve Country grieve. But make no mistake.
At the front, focussed. The brothers soldier on.

in memory of Lt. Andrew Nuttall, 1PPCPI, died Dec. 23, 2009, Panjawaii

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Sue Weir

I remember…and always will. RIP Andrew.

Dec 23 2012 · 19:38

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