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Afghanistan: Requiem for a Generation update

Just received a few more movements from my collaborator, the incredibly gifted composer, Jeffrey Ryan. Excitedly, I scan the scores as I print them out and make a feeble attempt at reading the score (I’ll find a piano later this afternoon)… the Dies Irae…. WOW!!! Hang on to your hats Calgary, hang on to your hats!!!

and btw, did you realize that this is the 50th anniversary of the Britten Requiem? Well done CPO and the incredible OYR, High Performance Rodeo, (Michael Green, Canada’s national treasure), Erin and coy. for sharing the vision.

all the best from PhD land.

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cindy revell

This sounds thrilling! Project Heroes™ has been asked to exhibit a selection of the portraits at this event, it’s not written in stone yet but I hope we’ll be there. To hear your collaboration with Jeffery Ryan will be quite the experience.

Jun 02 2012 · 07:46

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