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here at the staging base. so alone after a 36 hr flight. the home front fragile. I arrive a 0030 hrs wondering if I’ll be met (not that they’ve ever forgotten me), and I’m met by the Camp Adj.

it’s hot. palm trees. beautiful mosques. I heard my first call to prayer today in the airport. so gorgeous.

this morning I learn that I’m going to be with 14 next-of-kin. in the words of an officer this morning, a mother said, “the army brought his body home, now I am bringing him home”

I’ve met a number of the parents, a wife, a sister. all here to bring their boys home. I am humbled to witness this.

well, all kitted up. ceramic plates, helmet.

send me lots and lots of prayers, love and strength. send me lots of messages. eventually I’ll get them.


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Rah Rah Rah! Don’t forget…there are people downrange who are looking forward to seeing you; you’ll be as welcome as rain in a drought.

Nov 10 2009 · 09:13

Diane M Douglas

Tomorrow is Remembrance Day and you are there. Have we remembered?
Love and prayers. We are thinking of you. Treasure each story, and be sure to get the EXACT colour of the dust.
xo, D & D

Nov 10 2009 · 13:18


Be careful PLEASE. For most, what you are doing and going through is not voluntary. It can/will/maybe has change you forever and no matter how much you are “trained”, you are not prepared. you have all of my love, what strength I can spare and unfortunately no prayers. Faith is the first casualty…….

Nov 10 2009 · 17:34

Alex VanderWoude

In a way I envy you this opportunity, despite the knowledge that it could come at a terrible price. Take lots of pictures so you remember, and write it down so you can explain it to us and (hopefully) our kids. Good luck, stay safe, and copy what the soldiers do, especially if they hit the deck! Squirt us a message when you can, but we will understand if you can’t find the opportunity.

Nov 10 2009 · 22:54


Not alone Suzanne. Following with you in our thoughts.

Nov 10 2009 · 23:31

Star Weiss

Thinking of you after the journey….know you’ll be called on today (Nov.11) to speak, and that will be a great honour.
Sending many prayers and thoughts,

Nov 11 2009 · 10:04


I’m thinking of you and all those on the frontlines of Human Despair.
Take care,

Nov 11 2009 · 19:17

ellen skaii kingston

I am not sure if my last email got through, I clicked on a back space and the whole email disappeared. Wish we can do that with the bad guys. Delete and they go into a limbo somewhere.

I want to say I love your work, heard you on the cbc program for Nov. 11. Skaii e

Nov 12 2009 · 16:07

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