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9 liner

T Triple C. tourniquet. 9-line. Role 3. jet to Germany. fight soldier fight. breathe. hang on. to different tubes and wires. not twisted trips in dust. cobra traps. lash. the smash the bloody grab. the blast. the blast. hideous misstep. fuck. IED. fucking fucking IED. your limbs bleed. out. almost gone. O2, Sats, ICU chatter. radio net. 9 liner 9 liner wheeze life support. not F18, Chinook, whook whook whook whook whook, fast air over KAF. out of there. you must. hang on. breathe son breathe. we wait we wait. will to live. will you to live. will you live. hang on hang on. over the red desert. you’re almost. gone. breathe son. hang on.

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Bill Horsman

I like it sms.

Jun 04 2010 · 14:52

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