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60th anniversary of the Korean War Armistice

they’re marching in London in the heat today, 250 British Korean vets, age 80 +. and in our beloved country I hope we’ll take a minute to think of the 516 Canadians who never came home from the three year war (158 Canadians died in A’stan over 9 years). and all of those who did make it.

Kapyong. now there’s a name that evokes endurance. and so much more.

a few years back the Colonel of the Regiment invited me to a Patricias’ dinner. I sat next to some of the Korean vets and their ladies – yes, they call the women who stood by them, their ladies. and I remember one of the NCO’s, a First Nations man, joking with his CO. age and time had made them equals (or maybe they always were, because filth and fatigue and adrenaline and loss and success are great levelers), and I listened to them remember Korea as we sat around the table eating and sipping our wine. and I thought about how the Korean war is sort of lost in our collective memory. and I wonder why, because one just has to look at the pictures and do a little reading, to see what the boys did sixty years ago.

I remembered the Korean vets in our requiem. in the final movement the soloists sing Kapyong. all the major battles of the last century. because the boys who never made it home. deserve to be remembered. and the ones who did come home. deserve our thanks.

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