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50,000 hits

sometime in the next hour or two! as I said before, I can’t tell exactly who will be the 50,000th but whoever makes a comment closest to the 50k mark will get a hand-copied poem/signed blah blah blah (for what it’s worth!) if they send me details.

thanks for giving me so much of your time.

book etc. to come sometime in 2011

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P Gooch

Congrats on the popularity of this site. It speaks well of the efforts you make to to be relevant, thoughtful and supportive of those who sacrifice.

Apr 17 2010 · 22:50

Douglas Hill

Imagine trying to get 50,000 views of your poetry in 1995 . . .

Apr 18 2010 · 06:05


50,000 hits = 50,000 books
Glad we have had the sneak preview!

Apr 18 2010 · 08:29

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