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2nd Letter from Suffield

just a quick letter from the Welfare tent at Suffield… a line up of soldiers waiting for their 15 minutes of internet access and I don’t like to keep any of them waiting…

flags at half-mast here today… I know why but won’t talk about it even though the press apparently has been informed… I guess in a village of 3000+ shit happens… it’s a strange aspect of this gig hanging with those for whom death is no stranger… the other day I met a 26 year old who told me that he’s an old man… 3 tours to Afghanistan under his belt…he’s tired, very tired… I look at him and read his face… he’s brilliant, speaks Pashto, very artistic… I gave him a book from the CFAP and showed him Scott Water’s work… I hope it inspires him

gotta go… I’m leaving for 3 nights with D Coy…. 2 nights in the field… big boom I’ve been told…

oh and one other thing… a friend, is here… I didn’t even know he’d signed on… I’m amazed… glad to see him… but also, now I’ll worry for him

that’s the life I guess



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