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24,000 + hits

thanks readers for all your time, all the emails, the messages, the encouragement… writing is a lonely life filled with doubt, lousy pay, no fame, and all your friends and family get paranoid that they’re going to see themselves in your writing so they stop telling you things!

so it means a lot to know that someone out there is actually reading my words, even in their beta state… unedited, bad punctuation, crappy grammar. please keep in touch.

soldiers, send me your words, your images, your messages. keep telling me when I’ve got it right and when I’ve got it wrong. truth is, I’m barely scratching the surface of all you’ve told me, shown me… help me do this job well. thank you for keeping me safe in the LAVs, in the field, on the ranges, thank you for laughing with me, letting me hear the dark side as well as the light. thank you for teaching me what a soldier’s life is like. I can only hope one day to let you understand what it is that I do (or try to do).

on another note, I’m looking forward to meeting up with some of the Patricias next month. they’ve been on leave, I’ve been AWOL, life has taken on some peculiar curls and tangles for me lately. I need to review my Infantry Lessons

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