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can I forget the harvest
moon, honey drop
amber over sky,
farmer, his silhouette,
threshing into prairie
thrumming the bread
we eat by winter
solstice, by fire light;

can I forget a night
of thunder,
August’s footsteps,
the silent wet
road to grave,
the widow, her children
cinched to her
like the maple leaf flag
hugged his casket;

can I forget
you, brothers
cigarette to cigarette,
the blanket you lay
on my sleeping body,
my flak vest, boots, helmet,
ready for night patrol,
the call to watch,
the prairie green
through your NVGs;

can I forget
the shot, spiced
rum, the stairway
to heaven lined
with your faces
grave and knowing,
ready for next year,
home at garrison,
men’s dinner,
the LAV lit with Christmas,
and you driving me safe
always safe

can I forget
loss, the kiss,
the gift,
all of this,
the steps,
the weight,

2008, can I

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