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2 mai (war bride)

ah me ah my ah mon
amour, amour, mon amour
la guerre nous a blessé
et tu m’avait blessé
blessed me blessed me
white rain, phosphorous
your lips, soft bites, a thousand gorgeous injuries
blessing my spine, the back of my neck,
a year after the nights we slept a room away,
abandoned white Russian schoolhouse, Afghanistan
M6s, AKs, weapons all around me, my frag vest, helmet, ballistics tucked
under the green army cot, you sleeping
I could already feel you coming towards me
through hand-built stone walls (3’ft thick),
past big wooden doors, HQ’s sleeping platoons, the arties in place,
the middle of the night, CP crackling like wrapping paper
you, crackling, keeping watch, watch, watch, keeping me alive,chewing gum,
under purple Afghan mountains, the ridge of sky
la guerre mon amour, la guerre
has blessed us/wounded us, bound us,
ever for, this war, cette guerre a nous blessé.

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