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18 and a half thousand hits

on this site, I’d love to know who you are, where you are (but it’s okay that I don’t)

this I do know:

some of you are soldiers
some of you love soldiers
some of you were soldiers
some of you had/have fathers, brothers, sons, mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, who are soldiers

some of you have never met a soldier in your life (as I had never met a soldier until this)


some of you are poets (and soldiers)
some of you are painters (and soldiers)
some of you love poets (and soldiers?)

I also know that

this is my sketchbook, not my finished work
this writing sometimes half-hits the mark, other times is shit
this tells only a little of the story
this will be here for only one year

that I need courage, not to go to war, but rather
to really write it


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My son’s in Delta Coy. I don’t think you spoke in Suffield, but he told me that at one point you were in the turret of one LAV and he was in the turret of the LAV beside you. I hope you’re heading for Wainwright; I feel closer to him reading your work. Thanks.

May 19 2009 · 08:02

Douglas Hill

I must disagree most forcefully with “this writing sometimes half-hits the mark, other times is shit”. Perhaps in your mind your work “sometimes half-hits the mark”—I can sympathize with the subjective aspect of that because as a writer I have frustrations depicting in words anything close to what is writing itself in my mind; but know this: your work here is very affecting to this very critical reader, and I am certain, to the vast majority of your audience.
warpoet.ca is the most intriguing site I read, and trust me: I read a lot of sites.

May 19 2009 · 08:09

Alex VanderWoude

I’m a computer programmer. Nobody I know is in the military — the closest to anything like that are some of my uncles who were in the resistance in WWII. However, I have come to understand how important to our society and way of life are people who volunteer to stand on the wall and watch while we sleep. And sometimes go to distant lands and try to kill or help people I have never seen and will never meet.

I fear that most people in Canada today are like me in that they don’t know anybody who has been or is in the military, and thus may not appreciate the significance and necessity of those who choose that path. This site helps, not least because it refuses to “take sides” but simply reports.

May 20 2009 · 10:50

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