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10 November Rem Day Green Park and Canada House London

yes, well. what can I say… I was okay when the old vets were wheeled in.
I was okay when I saw all the brass. I was okay when I heard the piper. I was okay when I saw the Padre. but when I saw the two young ones with their star of Afghanistan medals, these two brilliant ones heading to Antarctica with the Wounded Warriors trek this summer. I f’ing began to cry and didn’t stop until the ceremony was over.

Corporal Alexandre Beaudin-D’Anjou, SMS and Master Corporal Chris Downy at Canada House, London, 10 November, 2013

and I didn’t cry because these two were so badly wounded, which they were, because and despite all of that, they’re picking themselves up and are putting more than one foot in front of the other, they’re taking life and living it deeply because they know how much can be lost firsthand.

yup, I cried when I saw these two young ones because there’s just something unforgettable about our boys and the way they walked and talked and smiled brought so much back… and I cried for all the families I’ve met on this road, families who have lost so much and with whom I’ve shared so much. and I cried for all the boys who were lost in body or spirit. but then I cried, again, looking at these two young ones in our midst, because, quite frankly, I miss them all so very much.

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