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War Poet BBC Interview

An interview with Suzanne Steele, Canada’s War Poet. Broadcast on the BBC World Service Newshour on October 24, 2008.

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Donnie MacNeill

As a great admirer of the First World War poets, I will be fascinated to see how Suzanne sees active service through a 21st century civilain observer’s eyes. As she says, a poet’s task is to distill emotions without diluting them and emotions don’t come any rawer than at the battlefront.

Oct 26 2008 · 14:10


I am glad I came across this site thro Tyee press. Suzanne’s story about how easily the soldiers come to understand the difference between journalist and artist is inteesting. Artists are closer to the heart perhaps! I want to know about soldiers and Afgani citizens. I have just read 3 cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson, a look at civilians during difficult times. Troops, their missions, the impacts….

Nov 02 2008 · 12:44

Dan O'Connell

The journalist,embedded or not ,addresses the civilian fears of body counts,costs,and prevailing in non conventional theatres of war.
The poet addresses the soldiers fears of prevailing with enough mental and physical heft to prove themselves and still have a life post conflict.Both roles are sober and probing for insightful impact, the former public and anticipated while the latter is private and read with trepidation lest you be drawn into difficult reflections. I claim we cannot be fully informed unless we hear both- our thinking needs to be grounded and the longevity of In Flanders Fields speaks to the ballast a poet can have.

Nov 06 2008 · 23:26

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