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Night Letters (Audio)

An audio reading of Night Letters by the author. Night Letters are threats posted on doors, public spaces, slipped through windows etc. and are intended to intimidate the recipient into giving up work, or to cease sending one’s daughter to school, or as a woman, working etc. Night Letters are a method of controlling others through threatening the well-being of one’s loved ones.

In this piece, the narrator, a spouse or beloved of someone serving, says these Night Letters are not threats, not meant for intimidation. They try and express the deep loneliness of those left behind.

The latest installment of the WarPoet podcast. Voiced by the author, smsteele.

Listen to this episode:

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nancy wilson

“Night Letters” is a stunning touch on what we, here, would rather not consider, let alone experience.

Your voice is powerful.

Jul 04 2009 · 14:05

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