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CBC Interview - October 30, 2008

Anna Maria Trimonte of the CBC interviews Suzanne Steele, writer and Canada’s War Poet.

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Fascinating take on what poetry is Smells are so important antdcan’t be photographed, so I like to think of poetry as ‘painting with words’.
Whether with the little dots of Seurat or withthe brash strokes of Van Gogh, poets do the same with the weight, length and timbre of their words, so your a pretty mean artist S! Are these your sepia sketches of the soldiers on the site? Very expressive – and impressive!

Nov 07 2008 · 14:46


the sepia sketches are by the amazing ex-infantryman war artist, Scott Waters. Scott has so very generously allowed me to use some of his work on this site. check out his website www.scottwaters.ca and look at his war work and his heroes book. I give the CFAP great credit for choosing an artist of Scott’s calibre, originality, and quite frankly, bravery.

Hebridean, I am grateful for your thoughtful remarks.

Nov 07 2008 · 21:54

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